Kai Greene a Galériában
Kai Greene
Kai Greene
Kai Greene
Kai Greene
Kai Greene,New York Pro 2008
Kai Greene,New York Pro 2008
Ironman 2006
Kai Greene
Ironman 2006
Kai Greene
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Here is a new video with Branden Ray 4 weeks before his first competition this year, the Jacksonville Pro. As you can also see, his back looks much better than before and his condition is also great so he has a great chance for winning!
Evan Centopani became a father as his daughter was born on the 13. July, with 3,5 kgs. That is the reason why Evan won't debut this year at the Mr. Olympia, but next year we will surely see him on stage.
The spring season of IFBB pros continues in Tampa with the PBW Championships and with a real serious list of competitors. Hidetada Yamagishi is the biggest name among the pros here, but because of his serious injuries it is possible that he won't have a 100% shape. Brandon Curry has to bring a shape of his life against Hide. Robert Piotrkowitz also wants to have a qualification for the Mr.O, and Marcus Haley also longs for a champion title.

List of competitors:

Open category:

Khalid Almohsinawi
Santana Anderson
Lee Banks
Brandon Curry
Marius Dohne
Mark Dugdale
Marcus Haley
Jason Huh
Marc Lavoie
Frank McGrath
Alexandre Nataf
Jerry Nicholls
Robert Piotrkowicz
Jonathan Rowe
Gregory Ulysses
Hidetada Yamagishi

Under 202 pounds:

John Arendsz
Al Auguste
Gianluca Catapano
Pierre Chamoun
James Darling
Luc Molines
Cvetko Stojmenovski
Rixio Tapia
Vince Wawryck
Nathan Wonsley
Lionel Beyeke is the newest sponsored talent of the Weider Team. Linole could get the qualification for the Mr. Olympia in New York with a 4th place. It can happen that he will be later the new favorite of Mr. Olympia and as he is only 30 years old, he has much time to prove.
Fouad Abiad unfortunately got an injury so it seems that he won't have any more competitions in the rest of the year. He had a great season opening with the Flex Pro, where he could qualify for the Mr. Olympia Show, but when he started preparing for the autumn season, he discovered a partial tear in his triceps. So now it's time to take a longer rest for the recovery.
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Aerob Kathi Bélával 1.
Aerob Kathi Bélával 1.
Phil von Känel, Manuel Bauer - FIBO 2008
Phil von Känel, Manuel Bauer - FIBO 2008
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Superbody Kupa 2005
Rajcsányi György
Superbody Kupa 2005 Rajcsányi György
Wabba World Championship 2009
Wabba World Championship 2009
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