Bonny Priest  

Bonny Priest

NameBonny Priest
Height166 cm.
Weight (off season)84 kg.
Weight (competition)73 kg.
Born in Bellville, TX (outside Houston)
Grew up in Fredericksburg, TX (an hour NW or San Antonio)
Current Residence San Angelo, TX (west Texas)
Current Occupation Gym owner/personal trainer
Marital Status Married in 1998 (no kids)
Best Bodypart probably my back & abs
Favorite Food anything with chocolate & sugar free popsicles
Favorite Music a little bit of everything
Years Training 9 years as of Jan. 2005

Bonny Priest

Pictures of Bonny Priest
Bonny Priest
Bonny Priest
Bonny Priest
Bonny Priest
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2007IFBB Ms. Olympia Physique7. place
2007IFBB MS. International8. place
2006IFBB Ms. Olympia Physique4. place
2006IFBB MS. International6. place
2005IFBB Ms. Olympia Physique6. place
2005IFBB Europe Supershow1. place
2004Ms. Olympia7. place
2004South West Pro Cup - nehézsúly és abszolút1. place
2004Ms. International7. place
2003USA Nationals - nehézsúly és abszolút (profi kártya)1. place
2002USA Nationals - nehézsúly7. place
2002South West USA (open/nat. qual.) nehézsúly és abszolút1. place
1999Jr. Nationals – nehézsúly3. place
1998Texas State Championships - nehézsúly és abszolút1. place
1997Heart of Texas (újonc) nehézsúly és abszolút1. place

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Bonny Priest - IFBB Pro Bodybuilder



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